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Athena Legacy Solutions helps clients who are facing a change in their financial situation navigate their way through it. Most financial advisory firms either concentrate on products or do planning that is simply a projection of where you are today. As long as nothing big changes, that kind of planning is fine. But a significant change takes some special skills.

Our unique “Life Vision” process will help you envision the new life you want to create, determine what resources are necessary and how best to organize them, and help you navigate your way to the future you want to achieve.

Whether it be leaving your job unexpectedly or earlier than you had originally thought, changing careers, going through a divorce, losing a spouse, or any other significant life event that affects your finances, our life vision process will help you feel more confident, less overwhelmed, and better prepared to make the decisions to get you through it.

Change can be scary. We look forward to making it easier, maybe even exciting.

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Janet Goulart

Retirement Income Certified Professional®
Certification in Long-Term Care®
Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow®

Nicole Noble

Client Service Concierge

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