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“The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination.”   John H. Schaar

At Athena Legacy Solutions, we believe that a “Financial Plan” should go beyond the simple projection of savings, and investment returns. But the plans of many other advisors lack context. Our unique Life Vision Process provides clarity and understanding of the information and data, and is influenced by your personal history, vision, dreams, hopes and fears. It helps you envision your future life so the numbers take on meaning.

Together we will create your Life Vision, to help you move forward towards your goals, and the life you want to create. Every once in a while, life throws us a curve ball. The Life Vision we create together will be flexible to allow for adjustments and unexpected detours. We will discuss and forecast alternative scenarios, as well as building contingency plans and exit strategies.

We collaborate and get input from your other advisors: Estate Planning Attorney, Business Attorney, CPA, and Property Casualty Broker. We participate in meetings and engage in active dialog with all your advisors to provide a comprehensive Life Vision. We actively identify potential concerns and risk, developing a plan to mitigate those risks.

We have found that the Life Vision Process provides for a stronger ongoing relationship with our clients that goes beyond investment returns and the current “noise” of the market. Because of this Life Vision process, our clients tend to stay the course with their approach, and the implementation of their strategies. We make it more than an intellectual exercise about a number. Your Life Vision helps you answer the question “What life do I want to create?” so that the financial planning questions “How much money do I need?”, “Will I run out of money?” and “When should I take Social Security benefits” have meaning?”

You and your investment program should represent more than just an account number. After all, your investment program represents your “Life Vision”, as well as your security and that of your family. Your portfolio should be carefully aligned with your core values, beliefs and priorities. There is no “model” that is right for everyone.

A properly developed investment program can mean the difference between the anxiety of not knowing if you will reach your goals versus having the confidence and the ability to lead a comfortable lifestyle, secure in the knowledge that your plan will get you to where you want to go.

Here are our most important investment principles:

• Diversify intelligently to help reduce overall risk using stocks, bonds and alternative investments

• Take advantage of institutional resources to help reduce costs

• Take advantage of potential tax opportunities to boost return

• Assist in selecting money managers that represent different styles

• Help identify clear expectations for each investment

• Focus on the long term and do not make decisions based on what the indexes did this month or year

At Athena Legacy Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you envision the future you want to make and to help you bring it to life. We also recognize that change can be unpredictable. So, along with your Life Vision, we will develop contingency plans for the unexpected.

We want to help ensure that whatever unexpected turn may come up in your life journey, we have done what we can to provide for you, your family, and your company. Sometimes this is as simple as mapping out some decisions ahead of time. If this happens, we will do that. Sometimes it means using financial tools to reduce or transfer some of that risk. Disability insurance in case you get ill or injured and cannot work; life insurance to provide for your family if anything happens to you.

If purchasing insurance coverage is appropriate for you, we will analyze what you have to make sure it is the right amount, the right type, and that you are not overpaying. We will also work with your Property Casualty broker to review and update your home, auto and liability insurance as appropriate.

Rest assured that we are licensed to get you any of these kinds of coverages if they are called for by your plan:

• Disability Income Insurance

• Life Insurance

• Long Term Care Insurance

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